( friday fuzzy )

May 28, 2010

merghh. is this real?

{ pinned, hola }

( harummph )

May 27, 2010

i had been looking for a big canvas laundry cart.
and trying to convince the post office to sell me one of their carts.
it's just the thing to throw big piles of laundry in 
{ or maybe, small dogs } 

and then i saw these.
yes, they're perfect.
but they're from restoration hardware.
which kind of ruined the fun for me.

what's the fun of the hunt, the thrill of the find,
if i can just go into the mall and hand over my credit card?
then i find myself hemming and hawing
about whether it's now a trend & i will find myself feeling disdainful about it shortly.

i think i still want one. an old one. with wear and tear.
not quite sure there's room for it... but anything that can make doing laundry
feel just a little more fun, is worth it to me.

fashion and interior design are coming to an interesting point
where anything is acceptable. and everything is available.
it manages to make things both hard and easy at the same time.

am i putting too much thought into laundry carts?

psst... if you love laundry rooms, definitely click on the house&home link

( linen )

May 26, 2010

there is nothing lovelier than linen.

unfortunately, this is not what my linen closet looks like.
not. at. all.

{ from toast - via 365blanc }

( sneak peek )

May 25, 2010

just a few oddities headed to the shop soon.
a huge, gorgeous, incredible globe.
three fruit boxes with original labels.
two-legged adjustable mannequin.
library card file.
and the robot puppy. okay, at-at.

( simple )

May 24, 2010

yes. yes, simple is beautiful.
like my current obsession
the "reply" drafting table
designed by willem rietveld and friso kramer
it's smart as well... the top tilts for drafting purposes.
clean lines. dual purpose.
i'm in love.

{ images from yay!everyday and lawson-fenning on 1st dibs }

( friday favorites: new dominion blues )

May 21, 2010

opening an etsy shop has changed my life in many wonderful ways,
but perhaps my favorite part has been meeting so many genuine & caring people.
tracy, of new dominion blues, popped her head in to say hallo, 
and we've been fast friends ever since.

 tracy's first love is pottery, and her work is characterized
by rich glazes and a very organic feel.
i'm very proud to have several of her pieces in my home.
{ including a beautiful mug which i reserve for my afternoon latte...
makes me feel like i'm having coffee with a friend! }

but she also loves vintage.
and i've loved watching her shop evolve
as she's added more and more of her unique finds.
she has a great eye for design and it shows in her
beautiful shop styling.

yesterday i found myself enthralled with these two
utterly charming displays found in tracy's home studio.

the plant growing through the tines of the old rake? perfect.
{ and did you notice the old keys tucked among the tines? }
and calipers, repurposed as a towel holder?
so. damned. smart.

find tracy's pottery and vintage finds in her new dominion blues etsy shop.
and find some great reading & inspiration on her blog

( friday fuzzy )

can't breathe. so sweet.

( a story about hammocks. )

May 19, 2010

my great outdoorsman is obsessed with these backpacking hammocks.
yes, we own two or possibly three. it was somehow decided that i needed one. { i didn't. }
he was so excited for me to try it out he strung it up in the basement.
i dutifully climbed in and thunk! fell right on the floor. { the cement floor. ouch. }

 i didn't feel even the tiniest bit guilty for laughing my tush off when one week later,
he climbed into his hammock and thunk! ... you guessed it. he fell on the cement floor.

my hammock-enthusiasm was rather dampened.
that is, until i saw this... 

i desperately want to spend my summer in one of these.
maybe anchored to the walls with something like this:

heaven, yes?

{ hammock from le beanock, metal knot shot by sandra juto }

( how to very nearly not have a wedding: part II )

May 18, 2010

. . .
our family and friends gathered at vinotecca, a small wine bar,  for our reception.
{ patrick and i have been going there since the beginning of our relationship
and are friends with most of the staff... it was the perfect place for us. }

our guest book, our initials in letterpress blocks, a beautiful vintage cake topper { a gift from kim of trampoline }, and change for the parking meters in case our guests ran out!

 . . .
about halfway through the reception,
we turned to our family and said,
we decided we couldn't do this without you
and we're getting married right here.

one of our close friends was ordained just for the occasion,
another friend took over the duties of best man,
and another friend came all the way from seattle to be our photographer!

my dress was a last minute vintage find. 
{ i had ordered this one and loved it,
but was so unhappy with the cost of a dress i could only wear once!  }
the flowers in my hair were from my mother's & grandmother's headpiece at their weddings.
and my earrings were my grandmother's.
and patrick wore the tie my father was married in.

it was the perfect wedding for us, 
and our family as well.

there were tears all around.
{ and a bit of finger-wagging for our little lie! }

but it was beautiful, and simple
and i couldn't be happier to be:

mrs. regina groleau

( how to very nearly not have a wedding: part I )

remember i popped my head round the corner,
whispered something about being a mrs.
and never said another howdy-do about it?
i suppose you might be wondering
what the heck happened...

in april, we sent out invitations to our reception
{ and yes, a paper-heavy post will be coming soon! }
and headed to hawaii.
we told everyone we were getting married..
 we'd all celebrate when we got home.
we saw beaches, waterfalls, secluded trails, whales, and the sun rise over the top of the mountain.

tanned, well-rested and very ready to see the dogs,
we headed home.
. . .

( monday snapshots )

May 17, 2010

i took pictures of a few things for the shop this afternoon.
decided to take a few pictures of things that aren't for sale.
little bug on a rug, instance...
can't put a price on that.

{ hope you're all having a lovely monday! }

( ink and honesty )

May 13, 2010

i had forgotten how very much i like the work of katie rowley.
i was very glad to stumble across her again today.
she's wicked. in the sweetest way.
find her here and here.

( mudpuppy )

mudpuppy + airplants.
oh. sweet. glory. be. 

i love how they feel all tentacley in these hanging pots.
plus, the pots are just plain smart for airplants.
no water pooling in the leaves means no rotting!
mudpuppy, you're a genius.

{ find mudpuppy's shop right here }

( card catalog: no one belongs here more than you )

May 12, 2010

( girl crush: miniature rhino )

jessica marquez
of miniature rhino
i'm seriously crushing on the fact
that she remembers the importance of
stars, old wood, little stitches, card catalogs, handwritten letters
and that darkness can be every bit as beautiful as light.
find her here, here and here

( studio envy )

May 11, 2010

some things you should know about my "studio":
a. it's in the attic
b. i can't stand up straight in it
c. it's dark. really, really dark
d. it's cold in the winter. (survivable with blankets)
and death valley hot in the summer
(not helped in the least by sitting directly under halogen lighting)
e. it's not technically livable space.

small wonder i'm craving a real studio.
nothing fancy. just light, moderate temps and head room.
unfortunately, we live in a dollhouse and there's no space left to claim. 

here's where i go in my dreams: