( obsessed )

June 30, 2010

it has been gently pointed out
that i have a wee bit of a furniture obsession
{ okay, near raging obsession }
and unfortunately, no place to put all my loves.

but i can put them here
and you can pat me on the head
{ and perhaps roll your eyes when i'm not looking }

but, truthfully, this piece is fabulous, no?
i want to lick it.
and unfortunately, the closest thing to a credit is this.

( amazing )

well, i'm inspired.
or overwhelmed.
i'm not sure.
but someday soon, 
something amazing is going to happen.

{ actually something quite amazing happened yesterday!
it involved a husband and cleaning. i'm still excited about it. }

a charming print by rachel of quail creative and little aviary.

( people are smart no. 9 )

June 29, 2010

crap. that's cute and clever.

never seen a bit of visual trickery that made me think:
quick! get me a baby and a lathe!

{ extra credit: tom beshara, whom i can apparently pay to do this when i find myself with a two year old. not sure if this works with smush face french bulldogs. } 

( lily padding )

one of my favorite things
about this mysterious interweb
is the way you can bounce, bounce & skip-hop
to a completely unexpected destination.

i was not looking for this.
i am very happy to have found it.

just giggly.
the beautiful work of aurelie neyret. 
aka clo.

a few lily pads on, i found her etsy shop & blog.
internet magic.

( darned goat & friends )

June 28, 2010

a darned goat. literally.
{ literally is the new figuratively. but in this case, literally is actually literally. }

and two oeuflings: wheezie and shell, who fits nicely into a black walnut shell.

and well, there's marmalade:
but she's looking awfully smug.
and i think she needs a bit of adjustment
before setting her free on an unsuspecting world.
i don't trust her this way.

goat and good oeuflings in the shop.
marmalade in the studio.

( collecting: a hand, maybe an arm )

going through my ffffound
i was surprised at just how many
hands & arms i've collected.
this strange expressive & vulnerable part,
it draws me in.

now, let's all run off and listen to otis redding's these arms of mine...

( friday fuzzy )

June 25, 2010

i'm giving you the finger.
so there.

{ from floridapfe }

( philosophy )

June 24, 2010

love this!
{ from the mind of christopher david ryan }

( a thought )

June 23, 2010

someone once said to me
that if i didn't have a big life
they would be angry with me.

it was meant in a darling, inspirational way.
and inspire, it did.
because i thought...
you know what i want?
i want a small life.
a barefoot life.

i really, really do.
that's more than big enough for me.

i want this:

and this:
 { pinned from art dept. }

mornings like this:

and coffee like this:

sometimes, when you take the time to think about
what you really, truly want & need.
the answer is surprising, comforting, strange and familiar
all at the same time.

( collecting: sunlight )

do you remember trying to curl your entire body
into that one small patch of sunlight?
that little moment of heat and light and everything good?

it must be natural.
the dogs do it all the time.

i think i'd like to spend today in a sliver of sun.

( at home )

June 21, 2010

( vintage library )

a huge stash of vintage schoolbooks that are simply delightful.
beautifully illustrated, actually fun to read and well cared for.

i'll be sharing most of them in the shop.
the words book will be hard to part with.

and the stack of german texts?
they belonged to two sisters, in 1900.

( friday favorites: en pointe )

June 18, 2010

i loved
freed and grishko
for the wide toe box.

{ yes kim, this is for you. }

sadly, uncredited.
and somewhat just sadly.

( friday fuzzy )

what shall we name him?
crippety crap that's cute.

actually, his name is clive. he's a micro pig and he will only grow to 14" long.
i know what i want in my christmas stocking!

{ tracked down from this pin to this source. lilypadding all the way. }

( pocket carnival )

June 17, 2010

i was trying to save this for friday.
but i think my brain's melted out my ear.
all i can do is blubber, cuuute!

 the sweetest pouches from pocket carnival.
{ hand-illustrated! which makes me like them even more. }



( space )

June 16, 2010

and envy. lots and lots of envy.

i want to lick my computer screen.

 { gathered: one, two, four,  and six are from convoy. three is from nineteen seventy three via design*sponge. seven is snatched from pinterest. }

( the in between )

June 15, 2010

sometimes my favorite things,
aren't the product photos for the shop, 
but the shots that are grabbed in between.