( barred )

September 30, 2010

this may disappoint my husband to no end
but i must confess that i
{ drop to a whisper }
do not particularly cherish the idea of
a full built-in wet bar in my home.
nope, not really.
i'm fully on board with this idea.

that's classy pants, that is.

found here, where you can have it made to any dimension you desire.
yes, i like this most muchly.

( sweater cuffs )

September 29, 2010

knit one
purl two
swear three
toss on ground four
give up and look for the buy here button five
lovely aren't they?
unfortunately i only knit rectangles of a single color.

coveted here.

( collecting: collections )

simple rule:
everything looks amazing in multiples.

( perfect fit )

September 28, 2010

two new oeuflings
burleigh & chaff
popped into a vintage mini muffin tin
at the suggestion of a favorite cleverkins,
mrs. am radio. 

yep. have you been to her shop lately?
i could clean it out, i could.
get there first, won't you?

{ psst, the oeuflings are holding court in my little shop! }

( ear you go )

let's say sunshine for everyone
but as far as i can remember
we've been migratory animals
living under changing weather

( champion )

September 27, 2010

there. i did it.
i am the champion of not hoarding.
i really wanted to keep it.
look at those lovely keys
the clackity clacks
the gorgeous decals.

1936 underwood champion de luxe.
it's the typiest of typewriters
and i've managed to loosen my grip on it
just enough to put it in the shop
{ here }

i do love old things.
i do. i do. i do.
don't you?

( friday fuzzy )

September 24, 2010

the cutest animals
always run when you want to play.
i think mother nature
is a meanie.

{ squeaky thanks to caitlin of metrode for sharing this little guy! }

( fancy yancy )

September 23, 2010

fancy no. 6 - today i fancy an ice cream

shadow wolf - yancy
small bear - xiu

new stitchy bits in the shop

{ silly panic attack subsiding. thank you for the kind words. }

( anxious )

September 22, 2010


it's been
chewing away
all day

deep breaths
make me feel dizzy

i think i'll
just put my
head between
my knees
for a while


{ what do you do on days like these? tell me please? }

i'm in love with this site.
and this poster too.

pretty pictures make me feel a little better.

{ much love for dean owens & ellie cryer }

( toasted home )

yes, my dears
i love toast for the home too.
simple and kind,
textures and long lasting classics

just the kind of place
you can shuffle happily about
in your nordic slippers
and china cup of tea


{ toast, again }

( toasted cozy )

September 21, 2010

a toast to toast.
the name alone
makes me happy.

stockings and waistcoats
and boots and scarves.

{ toast }

( alice and imagination )

September 20, 2010

one of the reasons i love alice so much
is all the rich imagery it provokes.
stretch the imagination!

i found these interpretations of alice... here.
there are several more if you've a moment to peruse.


( loving you )

i'm loving the change in seasons.
i'm loving the cooler new weather.
i'm loving the open windows, the night breezes, the greyness.

yes, love.
and now that everything's not so sweaty and apathetic, 
i think we need to celebrate...

everyeskimo is having a fall sale!

i'm filling up the fall sale section
just for you, lovies!
right... here.

( stitched )

sewed and sewed all weekend.
{ and there are two more that weren't finished up
when i took this shot! }

love making these little guys.
even if it is taking my life over a bit.

stitch, stitch, stitch!

hope you're all having a lovely monday.
{ i can't help it. i love mondays. such a nice fresh start. }

( friday favorites: dear golden )

September 17, 2010

dear golden vintage
is my favorite place
to go and dream of wardrobes.

sure, i wear some form of grey
nearly every day.
but in my secret heart of hearts
i do wish it was the early 1950's
and one didn't even dream of
heading out to the corner grocer
without a hat on her curled head
and gloves on her manicured hands
but it's not.
and grey t-shirts go everywhere.

visit dear golden at her shop
and her lovely blog
i'm quite sure you'll enjoy yourself.

{ and have you ever seen anyone look so charming in a hat before? }

( friday fuzzy )

kitten mittens!

{ found here }

( blending in )

September 16, 2010

i've been thinking a lot about houses lately.
all the architecture, the amenities,
the ever-boring expectations.
so much to ponder, plot & dream.

this one completely captures my imagination
it's gorgeous, isn't it?

the radius house
surrounded by redwood forest
designed by daniel liebermann,
an apprentice of frank lloyd wright.

{ images from articles here and here. } 

( collecting: bottled up )

a simple shape
the way the light bends round the curves
the subtle hint of color

bottles and jars
have captured the imagination for years
i love these collections,
these simply elegant ideas.

all you need is a bottle
and a sunny window to sit by.