( gold star )

December 31, 2010

the new year! the new year!

a gold star for you
{ and one for me too }

 i am not resolving myself to one thing or another
but to let the year play out
in its own beautiful way.

one small new year's eve tradition
that seems to be taking hold
is taking down the tree, the trimmings,
the silver and gold

and cleaning, putting away, simplifying
and starting the year with a clean slate.

i wish you all a safe and happy new year's eve
xo. regina from everyeskimo

( friday fuzzy )

holy sweetness. i couldn't have said it any better myself.
sort of wondering if i can turn this into plush form...

( ear you go )

December 28, 2010

images by fenk

the old year is ending
and new beginnings are
around us. everywhere.

( fabric and time )

December 27, 2010

a little time off during the holidays
meant a little time to dig through my fabric stash
and play with a few patterns.

meet the little foxes.
the exact same pattern, just different fabrics...
and i love how differently they came out.

last night quick brown fox
decided he didn't want black stockings
but today he's not so sure.

and a little tweak on the french bulldog pattern
made a pug
{ a special request that i was more than happy to work on }

hmm, i think i'm turning this into a dog-blog.
just you wait until i get a cat. just you wait...

( christmas morning )

December 26, 2010

i do hope you had the loveliest of christmas mornings.
too early for the coffee to take.
shuffling 'round in pajamas
nestled on the couch
under a pile of wrapping paper.

taking pictures of family
who aren't as impressed with the new camera lens
as you are

lovely holiday, isn't it?

now to start planning out the new year!
we're nearing the end of the holiday marathon.

( friday fuzzy )

December 24, 2010

sleep first. presents later.

hope you're feeling the warm fuzzies this christmas.
thank you most kindly for
reading along and supporting and being wonderful.
it's a present in my everyday stocking.

warmest wishes to each and every one of you.
xo. regina from everyeskimo

{ click on the image to go to a pretty amazing photography tutorial from kevin&amanda }

( ear you go )

December 21, 2010

image by saipua

only to bring you peace
only at christmas time
everything lost will be found
only at christmas time

you may enjoy these
two beautiful holiday home tours:

( think )

December 20, 2010

this tickles me. i am tickled. 

( friday fuzzy )

December 17, 2010

i need a monkey to be on my team for our next snowball fight.

umm, you know who's fun to play snowballs with?
our dogs. we throw them for our dogs and they catch 'em
okay, guin can catch. otis takes it in the face.

or we'll lob a snowball into the yard
and they run all over the place looking for it.
it's kind of a farce.
but it keeps us { and them } entertained.

wonder what happens if we add a monkey into the equation.

happy friday everyone!

( cozy )

December 15, 2010

the beautiful thing about winter
is that everything gets so cozy
and woolen and nookish

and rooting out a nest in a pile of quilts
is just seen as common sense

some favorite winter activities...

{ finding the perfect combination of bare skin and wool }

{ knitting unnecessary things }

{ wearing boots and pjs outside and not caring what the neighbors think }

{ hoarding and stacking and plotting for my fabric collection }

share your favorite winter activities
squinting at christmas lights 'till they make stars is perfectly valid.
and yes, i do that one too.

 { sources? i've done that clever linking picture thing again. click and explore! }

( finders keepers )

December 14, 2010

the hardest thing about owning a vintage shop
is this:

i only search out things that i love.
and it takes all my willpower
to let them go again.

look at all the new lovelies in the shop!
 click each image to see more! { i think. }

( ear you go )

oh my thoughts i
return to summertime
when i kissed your ankle
 i kissed you through the night

all my gifts i gave everything you

your strange imagination
you threw it all away

now my heart is

returned to sister winter
now my heart is
as cold as ice

( winter )

December 13, 2010

it is so definitely winter now.
the cold messy frozen slippery kind.
not so much the frosty beautiful kind.

although, from inside the house
on the couch
under a blanket
and in front of the fire
the snow really is rather lovely.

{ mia & ulf linnman are having an even lovelier winter.
ulf's images from mia's blog. i've been crushing over these for a month. }

stay warm darlings.
put your slippers on and don't be afraid to wear two or three sweaters.
granny chic's all the rage.
{ even though i suspect that doesn't extend to my pocket kleenex or purse baby wipes. }

( collected: right left center )

December 11, 2010

dear pinterest

thanks. now i'm completely obsessed with something else i can't have.
lovely, lovely braids. so perfect for blondes... where the different shades play most nicely in a plait.
not so good for a stick straight brunette with slightly less hair than a two year old. 

which reminds me, i love this.

{ for braids, here. for brunette, here. }

i must apologize, it's the worst source list ever.
sadly, these have all been posted and reposted into oblivion.
if you know of any sources, please share!

( holiday elves )

December 10, 2010

holly & jolly

the holiday elves.
err, oeuflings.

and starlight. 'cause that's what color she is.

( friday fuzzy )

hold your hands out.
i want to take a nap.

( vintage stocking )

December 9, 2010

stocking stuffers can be hard to find.
but they can be the most exciting treasures of all
don't you think?

i've been selecting items for the shop
that might just add the perfect touch of vintage
to your loved one's stocking.

and of course, the little bears and oeuflings
are just the right size too!

{ all found here }