( in and out )

February 25, 2011

{ lake erie is really frozen }

popping my head in
to say i may be out

a-traveling for work
leaving the frozen tundra
for warmer weather

it will be a nice break for me
but i will miss you

forgive me if the blog is slow
{ the shop is closed too }

xo. regina from everyeskimo

( a fail and a monkey )

i wanted to play with the foundling pattern.
change it a little, adapt it to make it a bit smaller,
a bit more sprite-like

{ this is a foundling, if you're unfamiliar with them }

and well, frankly this little adaptation was a fail.
{ shh, don't tell him i said so. }

i think he's cute.
i fully intend to give him a life tucked among the books.
maybe moving him now and then so he doesn't get bored

but he's not destined for the shop.

it's a funny feeling to fail
and to quite like the fail as well.


i said something about a monkey, didn't i?

i had to share this vintage find.
a 1920's stuffed monkey in incredible condition
satin lined ears
a deco-green jumper
and painted hands, feet and face

he's kind of incredible
{ and a wee bit creepy too }

you know how i love creepy.

( friday fuzzy )

{ a whole sweet article here }

kiddin' around

{ just kidding, sorry }

pygmy babies. so joyful.
i am quite attached to the wee goats i sew
but they are so somber in comparison.

( you are what you love no. 3 )

February 24, 2011

[ no. 3 ]

you know the things that you keep in the bottom of your drawers?
even after multiple moves, some of those little things just follow you
and you put them back in the bottom of the drawer
and all is well
and it feels like home
because of those little bits in the bottom of the drawer.

i've had this little baby since 6th grade
and it's followed me ever since
it reminds me of a friend
who teetered, just as i did
between being a kid & beginning to grow up

the little baby's had her photo taken
and has been returned to the bottom of the drawer
where she will wait until the next move.

{ read about this project here }

( vice )

February 23, 2011

so this is a little out of character for me
but i love alice
i love the disney version ( gasp! )
and it is amusing me just now

hopefully it will make you smile
{ or maybe smirk at my childish ways }


( natural history )

who says wolves and pygmy goats don't get along?
these two certainly do.

but perhaps that is because miss wolf has such lovely manners
or because the goat is such a wee kid.
or maybe because they're from the same cut of linen.

 little miss winter wolf added a bit of lace to her capelet.
she's quite proud of her fancy getup and trots about with a little kick in her step.

and the pygmy goat babe is so painfully shy
he would keep putting his head in the shadows.
he's a farm kid through and through.
tweedy and patchy and makin' do.

{ they'll be in the shop soon! }

( story time )

bumped into these beautiful scans
of an old children's book. 

simply stunning.
and clever too.

{ click on each image for a full-size view! }

 remember how we all looked forward to story time?
perhaps we should find a way to recapture that as adults too.

{ from golden gems, who loves old books & illustrations too. }

( you and me dancing )

February 22, 2011

{ pinned }

{ pinned }

{ joe mcnally }

i tried not to post any more ballet.
i failed.

these pictures haunt me.
so lovely, so strong, so peaceful.
a place i used to be.

i wonder if i felt this way then
or only in retrospect.

( ear you go )

{ shinya }

now that i've seen your face
i'm haunted by the letters of your name

( tiny & treasured )

February 21, 2011

tiny little things to treasure.

a wood cube that swivels open to reveal a secret spot.

a tiny glass jar with a hand painted lid

a sweet little glass box with a sailboat etching.

the little things that make you reach out
and touch them, when you walk through a room.

{ they are in the shop }

( curiouser )

February 18, 2011

taxidermy fawn + 700 paper moths
unnatural history

i would put this on my coffee table if i could
art should be every day.

{ read more, here }

( tea )

{ playing with fire & water }

i could use a cup like this today.

want to see it in action? here

( friday fuzzy )

{ here }

there is no way that this little one
smells like anything but muffins.
yes, he must smell like muffins.

( h and luv )

February 17, 2011

luv these owls from h-luv
{ aka heidi iverson }

the detail of the reversible wings
has me all aflutter.

available here
see more of heidi's work here

( you are what you love no. 2 )

[ no. 2 ]

a copy of alice in wonderland
saved from my mother's childhood

not only do i relish the original tenniel illustrations,
it touches me to think how carefully she treated her possessions

they were treasured and revered
not destroyed and tossed aside for something shiny and new

it is the book i am most likely to pull of the shelf and show you
{ when you come visit }
history has its own way of making things beautiful

{ read about this project here }

( let them eat cake )

February 15, 2011

small foxes in love.

will they have frosting on their noses?
nope, they will have frosting on their toes!

very excited to share these two with you.
my first set created specifically for a wedding cake topper.
so happy to think they will be there for someone's special day.

i left their little tails open at the base
to make mounting on the cake easy-peasy.

wishing i had thought of wedding cake toppers for my wedding.
but thinking back, we didn't even have cake! scandalous rebels. 

( ear you go )

can i call you mine?

mourning for sunlight in the morning
wanting for warmth, the golden glow
february is such a hard month

( valentine )

February 14, 2011

a girl can never have to many valentines. 

happy valentine's day from all of us, to all of you!

{ and yes that is my handsome love, hard at work at the sewing machine.
he's been making camping equipment and he's quite impressive with that thing.
in fact, he puts me to shame with his technical expertise. }

( friday fuzzy )

February 11, 2011

{ ffffound }

klassy kat

i can't decide if this cat is miffed
or very pleased with itself.

{ i suspect secretly pleased. }

( shod )

February 10, 2011

everyone has a shoe heaven.
maybe rachel comey.* maybe marais.
leibling is mine.

so enticing,
i can barely allow myself a visit to their website.

pining away. 
tragically leibling-less.


* on a total side note, you may enjoy this website. it's a fun little concept.

( you are what you love no. 1 )

February 8, 2011

- 1st -
i must confess this is stolen inspiration
taken from this lovely series being done by the marion house book
a documentation of life in 52 objects.

- 2nd -
hunting and gathering vintage
seeing the beautiful things that pass through our lives
deciding what to keep and what to share
it makes pause to look at all the things that surround me

do i keep them because i'm used to them
do i keep them because i love them
and when's the last time i thought about why they are treasured
or who they remind me of

- 3rd -
i know, the best things in life aren't things
but i love things...

a little thing that delights
an old thing that tells a story
a surprising thing that brings a smile

if you are what you love
this is what i love
this is what i am

[ no. 1 ]

a small box made by my grandfather
when he began taking classes in stained glass

as a child i was fascinated by the "ruby" at the center
as an adult, i like the way the mirrored bottom
reflects my tiny treasures back at me

and i like to think how it was made with his careful hands