( home )

March 31, 2011

spotted around the house:
wood for burning + lady like paws + another mess in the studio + a bird + and a bug

home, home, home
i like it here

( highlight )

pencil highlighter.
this makes me giddy every time i come across it.

i don't know why.
i'm just so tickled a highlighter
can be in pencil form.

oh these advances in science.

( uncontrollable )

March 30, 2011

when i saw this photo
my heart skipped a beat. or stopped beating.

chop. chop.
my hands are going through the motion right now.

so very badly do i want to know what this feels like.
i have an uncontrollable urge.
to cut my hair off. straight from the pony tail.
i'm actually in distress right now.
i think it's in a ponytail.
i think there are scissors within reach.

how much resistance would there be?
my hair isn't very thick.
what would it be like to come away with years and years of cellular activity
gathered tightly in one hand?

i must stop thinking about this.
it is out of control.

{ i'm also afraid i'll decide to shave my eyebrows or my head one morning in the shower.
not that i want to. but i'm afraid that i will. chop. chop. }

please say this image prickles you too.
please say your right hand is squeezing pretend scissors right now.
oh god.

{ image by julia sherman, found via this article by teenangster }

( almost )

it is spring
only not yet
it is still brown and gray
with only the tiniest, bravest hints of green
{ the daffodils are peeking out }

there may still be snow
and cold and bite
but there is hope

and that's what i like about spring

these photos also feel like spring to me
the way the fall leaves are still hiding underneath
but perhaps they are fall?
they feel right today...

{ photography by isobel mei. she has a way with gray. }

( snapshot: an isolated observation )

 vanilla latte

a morning ritual
that makes the day
start a little softer
a little friendlier

( ear you go )

March 29, 2011

i'd like to think that there's a star for me and you 
spinning round, falling for one another 

{ this song took me forever to fall in love with.
but i fell. and i fell hard. }

( end of winter )

March 27, 2011

it is the end of winter
when things are ever so drab
and brown and faded

but the sun is warm and strong
and doing everything it can
to cheer us all up

this is an end of winter fox
he's brown and drab
and hides among brush and bracken
but he also does his best
to bring cheer

stitched from vintage scraps
with subtle bits of embroidered detail

( friday fuzzy )

March 25, 2011

oh no. not morning again.

i am beginning to think that "cute" is a biological imperative
now listed among our most basic needs
food, shelter, water & cute

{ image by anton averianov at pawnation }

( in between )

March 24, 2011

a pile gathered today as i was shooting photos for a shop update
can you tell my favorite colors? my favorite things?

these things also wandered in
in between photos

yes, he has breakfast on his nose.
it's very hard to keep little boys clean.

then he decided taking pictures wasn't fun

do! things! that! revolve! around! me!
dogs. pfft.

( one two )

crusty & clean

cold polar bear & warm polar bear

decanter & wine bottle

left horse & right horse

i seem to be posting in pairs today

patterns in the threads of life
i suppose

( words due )

what i really want to say is
thank you

for your support
your sweet words
your kindness

and for traveling through
all these weeks with me

it has been a joy
because of you

{ image from hannah henrie }

( the big bang )

March 23, 2011

a tumblr post
riddled with angst
but i saved it, i couldn't help myself
i'd stare at it and think,
that's so sad
that's how i'm feeling
every day

i am having a hard time
with where i am
and what i'm doing

working full time
in a job that is supposed to be creative
yet produces the same old work
again and again

then coming home late
and working until the wee hours
on my shop

a place that truly feels creative
a place that really has to have
its own point of view
in order to survive
{ hopefully thrive }

and the answer was there
but it felt slightly insane
a bit foolish
and more than a little selfish

walk away from the steady job
to embrace the one i love

it's nuts, right?


i did it.

i walked away

so what does it all mean? more happiness. more vintage. more handmade. more blogging. more shop updates. more work. more play. and more fun. i might even find my way back to the kitchen. { for the past two years, i've really only been responsible for the production of my morning latte and occasional batches of cookies. pretty sure ramen noodles don't count as cooking. }

it's scary. but in the end, i think it would be even scarier
to have never tried at all.

{ phew. it feels great to have all that off my chest. }

( stitching away )

it's dark and cold and rainy here
so i'm huddled under a blanket in the studio
working on a new little fox

stitched & turned
ready for stuffing and finishing
{ i love watching each little personality come to life }


one of my goals
is to share more work in progress
with you this year
 as i always enjoy peeking in on other people's
methods & madness

( ear you go )

March 22, 2011

{ annette pehrsson *}

if you don't love me, well, don't shove me
out into the dark
without a flashlight or a spark

* i love annette pehrsson's strange, sad work
and i'm very excited to see she's opened a print shop!
visit it here.

( friday fuzzy )

March 18, 2011

so does a german shepherd look more natural
in the grass? or in a scarf?
i vote scarf.

although i love this photo.
it's by tina hillier
{who has a fantastic portfolio, see her site here }


and emily shared this link:

flappy faces trying to fly
it's definitely worth a giggle
{ thanks emily! }

( you are what you love no. 4 )

March 17, 2011

[ no. 4 ]

i walk past this every day
yet i'd stopped noticing him
forgotten, even as he hung at eye level

which reminded me of the reason i began this project
to pay attention to & catalog the things i hold dear

a little monk
detailed by hand
a find of my mom's
that i claimed as my own long ago

his feet swing free - he's really a wind chime

i keep him in the kitchen
and he keeps watch

{ read about this project here }

( llama fancy )

i just put a new llama in the shop
and she's quite a departure for me.
no gray, or wool, or any of my favorite drabs.
she is decidedly fancy.

she has a vintage brocade body,
and mink fur rescued from an old stole.
even her neck ruffle is salvaged from the stole's lining.
 { i absolutely love the way it's fraying at the top. }

i am surprised to say,
i love her just as much as the woolier, drabbier llamas.
 so i'll raise my green glass
to stepping out of my comfort zone!

( lucky )

lucky horseshoe teacups from lace & paper flowers

lucky grasshopper from archery goods ltd

lucky green dots from snap vintage

lucky crown jar by little kitten vintage

lucky numbers from am radio

a little lucky roundup!

but today isn't just for the luck of the irish
it's a day to appreciate your own good luck

i am lucky to be loved by the people that i love

{ it's far too easy to take that for granted }


i hope you have a lovely, lucky st. patrick's day

( snapshot: an isolated observation )

March 16, 2011

dapper dog.
a scarf is rather more fetching
than your average bandanna.
bump, peeking in the corner,
is waiting for her turn.

( just words )


we've been wearing
this short, harsh winter
like a bruise

it could be spring now
the sun is trying,

strained through clouds
light leaks thin
lacking substance


( shop update )

March 15, 2011

back to updating the shop
with repurposed storage
and helpful oddities.

i'm surprised how very much i missed it
while i was away.
happy to be back.

( class )

loving this look from zara.
simple. comfortable. and so classy.

{ i think it's the bun. }

( ear you go )

{ annette pehrsson }

he made me a tape of joy division
he told there was a part of him missing
 when i was sixteen
he jumped off a building

you know i love sad songs
and this one,
it's like cramming all of the virgin suicides
into one sound

( thinking of )

March 12, 2011

thinking of japan
the lost
and those who've lost

we need a moment of good faith just now

( snapshot: an isolated observation )

March 11, 2011

spotted at anthropologie in santa monica, ca

too much time spent among vignettes and then you realize
you've forgotten to open your eyes to the world around you.
need to pause and let the everyday sink in.
see it. snap it. share it.

i'll try to do this more often.

( clever )

so stinkin' clever.

you know something hits you just right
when you look at it and say,
" i wish i'd thought of that. "

( friday fuzzy )

hey bug dog
whatchoo lookin' at?

smoosh face.
i want to put peanut butter on his nose.

{ photo by gorbot }

( open )

March 10, 2011

the everyeskimo shop is open again!

i couldn't take it anymore. i missed it terribly.
thank you so much for your patience.
i missed you too.