( friday fuzzy )

April 29, 2011

i. want. this. cat.
not a cat like this.
this particular cat.

of course, it does seem happy
belonging to the owner of hello neest
and it must enjoy being surrounded
by all those beautiful things.
{ sigh }

i suggest you go visit hello neest
she has a gorgeous blog
a gorgeous shop
and most importantly
plenty more pictures of her cats.

( squinky walrus )

April 28, 2011

poor bump.
she tries to be such a lady
and yet my favorite part
is her walrus whiskers.

what's up with that squinky look you ask?
the poor dear forgot to close her eyebulbs again
and done been poked.

we're going to get her an eye patch.

( grey and green )

it is a thunder god spring.

heavy thunderstorms at night
lead to dark, grey mornings
but then open to stunning, sunny afternoons.

and the winter wisps
are turning to riotous mounds of green
steaming in the damp air.

it makes me think of
of summers lived out doors.

hammocks hung from trees

sleeping porches
secret hideaways in the woods
plants seeping out of every nook & cranny
garden tools to pull out & put away

and a place to rinse off at the end of a hot day

al fresco is a lifestyle
not just a dining option

it's just around the corner, aren't you excited?

( ear you go )

April 26, 2011


{ evaphotos }

a perfect song for a rainy day.

( holy )

April 25, 2011

easter has been a confusing holiday the last few years.
{ made no less confusing by its ever-changing date.}

our family used to celebrate "holy saturday"
in which we all neatly avoided schedule conflicts with in-law
by having easter a day early.

but "holy saturday" was not in the cards this year.
and my dear mother had discovered a big pile of brambles in the front yard
that she thought ought to be removed.
 and well, sunday was such a lovely day.
perfect bramble-pulling weather.

so we marched over there.
i donned my new wellies and two pairs of gloves on each hand,
and we tackled those brambles.
had a proper bonfire too.
{ wellies are very important when you find you need to wade several feet
into the pond to rescue a bit of pipe that was propping up another bit of pipe.
it's a very complicated system over at my mother's house. }

at the end of the day, we were sweaty, tired,
more than a bit parched, and my arms rather looked
like i'd had a good tussle with a small bear.

needless to say, easter dinner
was by far the best thing i'd ever tasted.
cleaned up, off my feet, a glass of wine,
and food shoveling into my mouth at a distinctly un-ladylike rate.

'twas a day of work... unholy
but felt quite virtuous... holy
new wellies... unholey
brambles crowned with thorns.... holy, sort of.
so it's a draw on our sunday-working-wickedness.
although, we all seem to be needing a bit of rest this monday!

hope you had a wonderful easter!
a new bonnet & a sweet-filled basket
xo. everyeskimo

( friday fuzzy )

April 22, 2011

what a face.
i just want to feed him lettuce
and maybe watch his mighty jaws
snap a twig.

ah. those wrinkles make me melty.
found him here 
while looking for inspiration to create these...

only one turtle was really needed
but i got carried away and made two.

and kinda can't wait to make a few more.
dang, turtle
i've been making you since middle school art class.
my mom still has a few of them...
wonky and mottled pottery. glazed in shiny greens.

a new subject for stitchery.
i think i need to learn to like thimbles.

( snapshot: an isolated observation )

April 19, 2011

there is an incredible lace dress
soaking in my tub.
frankly, i can barely wait to try this beauty on.

life is full of small excitements, you know?

( ear you go )

{ eric piasecki }

the words
" please destroy me "
have never sounded so much
like hope
raw & glistening

( room dreams )

April 18, 2011

rather madly in love with this series

it's called "room dreams"
 just the kind of thing i dream of

the things we leave after we've gone
soft and worn, frayed and torn
this beautiful mess
all too often gets covered up

{ see the rest of the series here }

( friday fuzzy )

April 15, 2011

it's almost easter.
{ i think. easter is a hard thing to keep track of. }
here's an easter bunny.
it might be all bunnies until easter.

{ pinned }

( animal adoption )

April 14, 2011

i have a tendency to adopt other people's favorite animals.
my mother loves llamas & goats.
i love llamas & goats.
i have a friend who loves polar bears.
now, apparently, i'm just as intrigued.

to be perfectly honest,
the idea of "warp & weft" always seems beyond my grasp.
i rarely worry about lining them up
and prefer to see which way they'll twist instead.

 in this case, the end result
gave his head just a bit of tilt that works perfectly.
i love when that happens.

{ he claimed to feel a bit naked, but didn't wish to be too warm.
so i constructed a lacy capelet with just a hint of fur trim.
he thought it was an acceptable solution. }

( ear you go )

April 12, 2011

i don't usually love live videos
but this song is even more incredible
watching it come out of his mouth

that voice

{ wolves by phosphorescent }

( today )

April 11, 2011


+ i liked the way the office looked
+ i took pictures of things that are hard to part with
+ i sorted through fabric
+ a bee took a nap in a dog bed
+ this was my workspace

today was a good day

( flea peek )

April 10, 2011

- found at the flea -

primitive paper mache lion & gorilla
{ it's absolutely amazing to me that these were the work of a 3rd grader.
in the 1920's. from his lunch bags. for real? and the lion's mane is fur & wool bits.
they're incredible pieces. }

a wood monkey
 loosely strung which makes him hang just perfectly

some days at the flea are just too, too good.
hope you had a lovely weekend!

xo. everyeskimo

( a lion among men )

April 9, 2011

black & white ghosts
time and caution
thrown to the wind

{ via the clutter }

( goat, wolf, snack )

wandering goat

a wolf who likes fine things

snack. just kidding. the goat's safe. i think.

just finished up this little wolf
and her little goat friend.
{ yes, i think they made friends while i was taking pictures }

remember the wolf in progress? { here }
she decided she likes fine things
and chose to wear fur & lace

fussy little thing.

( friday fuzzy )

April 8, 2011

i did not know mother nature had a parts bin.

apparently, assembling leftovers willy-nilly works fine for her.
for me, no.
unless those leftovers are cheese and bacon.
bread optional.

{ image from groovyhalo }

( in this space )

April 7, 2011

it's nice to take the time to see what's going on
in this space. right here and now.

words and texture. sugar for breakfast.
a constant mess. smush face.

( on time )

April 6, 2011

tick tock
says the clock
tick tock

 lately, i've been thinking about time
and losing track of it
in a very big way

it's strange but i forget how old i am
what part of the year we are in
{ is winter coming? or is summer? }
what day it happens to be - i've given up on that one

and yet, time goes by
i wonder... does it matter if i know when i am?
tick tock tick tock

how's your relationship with time?
do you fight it? work with it?
ignore it completely in a blithe sort of way?

{ psst, image from am radio. speaking of am radio, she's the featured seller this week on etsy! it couldn't have happened to a nicer lady. want to meet her? go read her interview here, and see her shop here.
i promise, you won't be disappointed. }

( ear you go )

April 5, 2011

{ sandra juto }

the city is alive
it blinks its eyes

i love how delicately the two voices mingle together

( friday favorites: corduroy )

April 1, 2011

peg leg demon

muddy pig

action bunny

a very brave beaver who is wearing a float to overcome his fear of water

yep. madly in love with corduroy.
a sweet little etsy shop with a sense of humor
that cuts through the cute
love. it. all.

and this print, too.
it would be pretty fabulous life size, don't you think?
{ find corduroy here }