( snapshot: an isolated observation )

July 29, 2011


i have a growing obsession with string
and antique scissors.

i didn't even manage to get all the string in one place.

xo. r

( friday fuzzy )

rob mckenzie

there are a few birds that make you stop & consider
the evolutionary process that creates something so purely beautiful.
fantastic, no?

birds are curious creatures.
my last sparrow went to share her home with a little budgie named puck.
i was absolutely tickled pink to hear that puck
recognized & responded to the sparrow with a wave of his crest.
how amazing is that?

have a wonderful weekend!
xo. r

( sneak peek: childlike )

July 27, 2011

an unexpected theme has emerged
from some of the recent flea market finds

great old pieces once meant for a child
that tickle my fancy far more as an adult

flying dragon toy

slate chalkboard easel / desk

superb little set of puzzle cards

schoolhouse slate

i'm working on getting these pieces into the shop
and there's a bunch more yet to be photographed...

children's chairs. a great wood counting toy. flash cards. an original speed top.

odd of me to be attracted to so much color.
it must have something to do with this heat wave!

hope you're all holding up well with the strange weather
we're having all over the country!

xo. r

( four & two )

July 25, 2011


aren't we grand with our four fine legs?
four legs good! they said
two legs bad! they surmised

the sparrow overheard and quickly peeked down to count.
only two legs! but she wasn't a bad sparrow.
perhaps a wee bit naughty...

i'll play them a trick she said...
and flew down to the ground.

and this is how they found her.
two little four-legs looked down and saw her little body on the ground.
two legs bad? they said.
they don't look so bad. do you think we caused this?
and they tucked their tails low to show they were sad.

peep! peep!

and the sparrow showed them everything was alright.
four legs good! two legs just as good!
and then she offered them a worm. 

( i couldn't quite get a picture of their reaction. i was laughing too hard to hold the camera. )

xo. r

( friday fuzzy )

July 22, 2011


who needs leader dogs
when there are helper cats?

happy friday!

xo. r

( relief )

July 21, 2011

thin ice

something refreshing to beat the heat.
show me some icy water & i'll dive right in.

hope you're all holding up alright!

xo. r

( sneak peek )


over the next few days
i'll be adding this collection of oak file drawers to the shop
it's my favorite form of vintage...
things that hold other things.

when i stack them all up, the pile is almost as tall as i am.
what fun we could have, filing things!
{ 'scuse, i geeked out for a moment there. }

and i'll be adding this very unusual letterpress cabinet too...

the case is in beautiful condition, dated 1943.
the wood is almost soft to the touch.
long, thin, shallow drawers are just the thing
for small supplies & findings.

an incredible piece, i hope it finds a perfect home!

xo. r

( egg )

July 20, 2011


engravings from 1818 by jf naumann, via bibliodyssey

just before the bird, came the egg.

have you ever found a nest, with the eggs tucked gently inside?
they're incredible little weavers
and i love finding evidence of the their gatherings,
a bit of string, a strip of paper,
woven right into their new home.

( it's a bit like people bringing home souvenirs of their travels. )

i've been working on two little birds for custom orders.
a little sparrow. and a little swallow.

in this case,
the bird comes before the egg.

xo. r

( box )

July 18, 2011


i have always loved old boxes.
shabby little things with secret histories
just waiting for a new treasure to hold.

i've just added a beautiful collection of them to the shop.
each with their own character
{ and so lovely all together }

{ antique soap box }

{ factory 29 cigar tin }

{ shabby box for string }

where do you keep your treasures?

xo. r

( friday fuzzy )

July 15, 2011


no way.
monkey hugs!

i so need a helper monkey.
just to do the simple things
like brush my hair
and remind me to eat breakfast.

{ unsourceable }

( shop update )

July 12, 2011

pretty big shop update today
lots of new lovelies
( the shelves were a bit bare, time to play catch-up! )

+ gorgeous art deco plant stand
+ danish modern candlesticks
+ huge & rare brass-trimmed letterpress tray
+ orchard baskets
+ sweet little pencil case
+ and of course a couple of oeuflings!

{ here }

( play )


play with your toys
it will make you feel good.

{ from this amazing house tour }

( eskimo )

July 11, 2011


wee sweet eskimos

i just had to share

{ source, unknown }

( hi, bye )


a small giraffe for a custom order.

i do love custom orders,
except for one thing...

i have to send the little animals off before i have a chance to enjoy them!
* stamps foot *

( friday fuzzy )

July 8, 2011

irene mei

today you get a squirrel
because i had a dream that
there was a tame squirrel living in my mailbox.

well, it was tame for everyone else.
it even talked to some people.
( squirrels have a rather squeaky voice )

but it would only run away when i came near.

( pink )

July 7, 2011

pink is not my favorite color.

it can be so delicate & comforting
when it's done just right.

i've put together inspiration for a little girl's room
from a few finds in my shop.

sweet & just a little bit pink.

+ darling wood lamp for the bedside +
+ fresh vintage linens for the bed +
+ rustic cubby for all her favorite things +
+ delicate dress hung on the wall +

maybe pink's not so bad after all.

{ and no, i'm not expecting. besides which, i'm convinced
patrick & i are going to have all boys anyway. }

( ear you go )

July 6, 2011

words and music

i love how they work together
they make each other stronger

they hold hands
they tell stories
they do everything they told us to do in kindergarten.

play nice.

a cover, a tribute, a variation on a theme
when the words come from a different mouth
it can turn into a whole new story.
 john vanderslice singing radiohead's karma police
makes my stomach twist in knots.

now, the words come first.

listen here.

( coffee )

blimp cat studio

sitting here with my morning coffee
( a non-fat vanilla latte )
when i came across this.

charming isn't it?

coffee is the most soothing substance i've ever come across.
there isn't a single morning that i'm not
intensely looking forward to that first sip.


( friday fuzzy )

July 1, 2011


friday fuzzy ferocious

{ image by jonathan levitt of grassdoe }