( mated for life )

August 31, 2011

a custom order for a pair of foxes.

they happened to meet in a clearing one day, and have been traveling together ever since.
mated for life. a fine life for two fine foxes.

xo. r

( collect )






i have always been a fan of collections
but never been a good collector.
i love these collections. well curated, beautifully displayed and so intriguing.

it's not something i do well. sometimes i over collect.
i collected rocks once.
i walked up and down our dirt road
and put tons and tons of rocks into a box.
at least until someone found out where all the road gravel was migrating.
{ to be fair, i was probably seven }

now i under collect. not quite devoted to one thing.
there are a few globes. there are a few glass cloches with interesting things under.
the air plant numbers are dwindling, my black thumb strikes again.
and there's a fair pile of lewis carroll books but nowhere to display them.

what do you collect? how do you curate and display?
someday i shall get the hang of this!

xo. r

( into the woods )

August 29, 2011


vacation always feels wonderful.
but the best part is always coming home again.
all settled in after a week on the trail.
lake superior in the summer is every bit as beautiful as the ocean.
the wind blew. the feet walked. there was silence for miles around.
so nice.

patrick convinced me to try out his latest camping obsession.
sleeping in a hammock instead of a tent.
it's a wee bit complicated to explain, but i was warm, dry, and so comfortable.
it sure beats the rocky ground.

of course after all that wilderness & silence
we both immediately flocked to the internet upon return.

lots to do this week, the list has already grown out of control!

xo. r

( walk )

August 19, 2011


kinetic sculpture. 
truly beautiful work by theo jansen.

some of the motion reminds me of hayao miyazaki's aesthetic.

leaves me speechless.

xo. r

( friday fuzzy )


mouse. deer. 
mouse deer.

frankly it's not the cutest animal in the world,
but the concept is flawless. mouse deer!
a full grown deer you can hold in your hand.

{ now i want to combine other random animals
and see if they're real. bearcat's taken. }

happy friday!

xo. r

( place )

August 18, 2011

it's been cooler (finally!)
and i've been ever so busy with my needle and thread.
catching up with custom orders & perhaps getting ahead of the holiday rush.
the cooler weather means i can venture back up into my tiny attic studio.
which is naturally cold in the winter & roasting in the summer.

and it is tiny. more of a garret, really.
i spend most of my time spread out on a large couch, covered in small scraps of fabric
and trailing bits of thread when i run downstairs to refill my tea.
i can't tell you how often my mind wanders to a time
when i'll have a real studio space.

a place to spread out, see everything at once.
and not have to transport projects all over the house
because i need a table or light or space to lay something out.
a place to be messy and place to play.

some of my favorite inspirations...
not too neat. not too serious. never too clean.







and perhaps the perfect place to hold it all.
a reclaimed barn in the woods where the fresh air can come in
and there's room to breathe.

a girl can dream, can't she?

xo. r

( true )

August 12, 2011

wear your shoes through and true.

there is such beauty in a well-made shoe.
and the natural materials age so beautifully.

{ pulled from convoy's always stunning collection }

xo. r

( friday fuzzy )


cow pat

hope you have a great weekend!

xo. r

( a bird in hand )

August 11, 2011

a sneak peek at a swallow i've been working on for a custom order.
she still needs legs, but i had so much fun trying to recreate
a swallow's long, forked tail feathers.

i love how the little birds perch & balance on their legs,
but i also find them quite endearing without legs.
they are the perfect size to cradle in your palm...
a bird in hand.

i've been considering offering them without legs.
perhaps with an option to have them strung for hanging.
any thoughts? i'd love to hear your input.
xo. r

( old dog new trick )

bump, our oldest four-legger
has developed a new trick.
or rather new spots.

tiny little freckly spots.
pale and delicate. ( rather like bump herself. )

she stood stock still as the camera clicked away.
but i don't think she was pleased.
the look on her face!

otis was also curious about the camera
with a completely different result.
the clickety-clack of the camera is most perplexing to him.
perhaps because it's always pointed in his face?

xo. r

( color )

August 8, 2011


a beautiful example of plant dyeing... 
done with things like fennel, sage, oakmoss, eucalyptus & blackberry.
gorgeous isn't it? { here }

which reminded me of this example of solar dyeing

see her flickr stream { here } for a few more images of solar dyeing.
i felt a buzz of excitement when i saw them!

it just amazes me to know there are people
who see their environment in such a different, intimate way.

here's to a new week!
xo. r

( friday fuzzy )

August 5, 2011

sunny photography

end of the roll.

{ and it's a hamster! dwarf, of course. }

happy friday!
xo. r

( sneak peek )

August 4, 2011

two little ones who will be in the shop later tonight.
after that, a short sewing break.

two good reasons...

1. i seem to have worn a hole in the tip of my finger. i've never gotten used to a thimble. as soon as i put one on, i invariably switch to pushing the needle through with the next bare finger.
( although, i'm slowly becoming used to this one. )

2. i have to move everything from one side of the basement to the other so the gas meter can be relocated. not a fun project by any means & i've been doing my best to procrastinate about the whole thing. in fact, i think i might go run an errand or two first...

i've been a wretchedly poor blogger lately, my apologies.
i miss you all.

xo. r

( something simple )

such a simple idea & so much fun.
from suzy jack, although they don't seem to be available anymore.

it's a good thing sharpies come in about a trillion colors.

xo. r

( soft )

August 1, 2011

hello neest

pony rock

skippy designs

soft & pretty has been catching my eye lately.
i never see life like this.

perhaps if i had a pink typewriter
my outlook would be different.

xo. r

( monday )

it's monday.
the first thing on my mind when i roll out of bed?

then a little dawdling over the internet
a quick list to map out the week ahead
morning yoga
and then the week begins.

it's gonna be a good week i think.

xo. r