( something new )

October 30, 2011

for a long time, i've had a little idea brewing...
an oeufling mobile.

seems simple enough, but this one took ages to pull together.
five oeuflings, in shades of green, have been sitting on my desk
wondering what was taking so long.

i couldn't quite wrap my head around how i wanted to hang them.
what to string them with, what to hang them from.
( do you know there's no such thing as a pre-made mobile base? not that i wanted to use one,
but i wanted to look at them. i see a small market there.... )
and the more complicated i made everything, the less i liked it.

i finally stopped fighting myself
and decided to work with the simple materials i love most.
a sturdy branch, dappled with bits of grey-green lichen.
and waxed thread, so the oeufling seem to float against the background.
easy does it.

but a few good things did come from all my trial and error.
it wouldn't have occurred to me to seal the branch if i hadn't been sealing a failed option.
( i'm so glad i did, it brought out all the colors so nicely.)
and a great packing solution for the long strands.
(if you're like me, and untangling hangers is your worst nightmare,
a tangle of oeuflings might just drive you off the edge!)

trail and error and finally success!
these little guys will be going into the shop soon
and hopefully oeufling mobile no. 2 won't take me another three months.
any color requests?

xo. r

( grey and white )

October 29, 2011

two little ones in shades of grey and white
available here.
now back to finishing up custom orders.
it's been a stitching whirlwind around here!

xo. r

( fun for all ages )

October 28, 2011

had quite a bit of fun photographing these little wood toys for a shop update.
two jointed wood monkeys and a sweet elephant with satchels for carrying things.

a good toy is a joy at any age.

xo. r

( friday fuzzy )


come now, don't let's be silly.
(said the mad hatter to alice)
xo. r

( a cup of coffee )

October 26, 2011

a really good cup of coffee is such an indescribable joy.
so pleased to have a coffee shop like commonwealth in my neck of the woods.
it's slow, decadent and incredibly personal.
they pay close attention to the beauty in the brew.
the decor is spot on... feeling both professional and a bit like your best friend's house.
and may i recommend the latte brewed with housemade condensed milk?
of course, wonderful company didn't hurt either.
(thanks for a wonderful afternoon, melissa & colleen!)

xo. r

( art and love )

October 23, 2011

to me, love has always been a pas de deux.
a beautiful idea. chloƩ suits better than a tutu.

i do recommend watching this in fullscreen. it's breathtaking.

{ via frolic. via nowness. via janie taylor's feet. }

xo. r

( shop update )

industrial mechanics cabinet

huge mid century teak lamp

huge antique drawer

egg cup trio

hamilton letterpress printers tray

gorgeous coral branches

just finished a sunday night shop update!
some great vintage finds coming this week...
including some of the larger pieces i've been dragging my heels about.

( i even linked the images for you! nice, eh?)

hope you had a great weekend.
xo. r

( nesting )

October 22, 2011

it began with just one innocent quilt. {here}
and under the guise of prepping for winter in the everyeskimo shop, 
quilts began to follow me home.

i started to sort & photograph them for the shop
and i find i'm having an unbearably hard time parting with any of them.

they come from such a different time.
worn out clothes were carefully saved, the smallest pieces salvaged.
sewn into something beautiful, backed with whatever could be found.
(two of these are backed with old feedsacks, soft and pliant with age.)

and then, they were used until the cotton blistered, 
the small stitches began to let go and they wore through.

so much history in one blanket.
how do you put a price on that?
xo. r

( friday fuzzy )

October 21, 2011

if this squirrel comes by my house, i'm going to ask it to move in.
i hope it does.

xo. r

( within )

October 20, 2011

converted into houses

by far, my favorite blog technology
is linkwithin, which lets me hop & bop between posts in a blog.

a few curious clicks and i found myself here
on lauren's lovely blog, dear golden

i do love houseplants.
ever so much more than outdoor plants.
such interesting shapes, and the occasional delight of a bloom or two.
patrick is very patient with me when i come waltzing into the room
to share a wee bud or new growth.

i could definitely be at home in this space.
right. at. home.
and you could come visit any time...
xo. r

( little dog lost )

grey, worn & footsore

( if you're in michigan, the huron valley humane society is well over capacity
and in desperate need of homes for pets. free barn cats! )

xo. r

( ear you go )

October 18, 2011

i haven't shared any music in awhile
{ sorry for that }

all children's music should be this good.


xo. r

( nap )

October 17, 2011

napping on the big couch is a pretty popular weekend activity around here.

bump likes to tuck in by the feet.
otis wants to be in your face.

either way, it's pretty much the best nap ever.

{jeez-o-peet, if i yammer this much about four-legged-loves, 
just think what a nightmare i'll be when we have children! }

xo. r

( fall )

October 15, 2011

a fall ritual.

a long hike through the woods
to the cider mill on the other side.
a doughnut for each of us ( one for the dog too )
and a gallon of cider to take home.

today, i caved in & bought some homemade fudge.

now, we're huddled up by the fire.
faces aglow in the light of the laptops.
happily sipping cider with a splash of captain morgan.
a fall ritual i will never tire of.

xo. r

{ ps. i am on instagram, and i think you can follow me there. but i can't tell you how, since i've never been able to figure it out myself. we laughed today, thinking we'll be sharing old photos with our future children by telling them about instagram and facebook.
which will both, of course, be obsolete by then. }

( friday fuzzy )

October 14, 2011


i had the opportunity to spend some time with a donkey last weekend.
they are incredible up close. their proportions are so much different in person
than they seem in pictures. large liquid eyes. and that enchanting tufting down their neck.

they are such sweet creatures, if perhaps a bit stubborn.
it's hard to understand how the word "donkey" has such negative connotations.

hope you have a wonderful weekend.
xo. r

( 2012 )

October 13, 2011


 yes. yes i am already stalking 2012 calendars.
 these are two of my favorites.

( 1 ) printed on linen by bookhou at home
( 2 ) flashcard inspired by whisker graphics

i have yet to hunt down a version that includes space
for notes, schedules & plans. never fear, my love of organizing
shall certainly lead to many more calendar crushes.

xo. r

( checked out )

i can't seem to get the hang of this week.
i feel a bit foggy and rather blank.

i do hope next week is better, more in focus.

do you have weeks like that?
like your head is just a sieve and everything is flowing through
and pouring right back out the tiny holes?

i don't know what this image is.
it's odd. and frail. it might just melt away in your hands.
 those words make sense to me today.

xo. r

( fall in the forest )

October 10, 2011

i can't tell you how much i like the work
of jonathan levitt. { grassdoe }

something about his photos,
i am aware of both camera & photographer...

but it feels so personal,
like i am laying flat on the forest floor
{ the moss is quite cool, nearly damp }
i can reach out my hand
and cup the fragile edges of the trumpet.

it feels real.
xo. r

( friday fuzzy )

October 7, 2011


this shell comes with a turtle.
how quaint.

hope you have a wonderful weekend!

xo. r

( insides )

October 6, 2011

i didn't find my favorite pair of slippers
until i cut away their outsides.

the canvas underneath, striped and stained from the glue
was far more perfect than the preppy stripe sweater-knit 
previously covering it.

it's what's inside that counts, you know?

xo. r

( natural history )

brittle bones, lost teeth, shed skins,
stag horns, woven nests, delicate shells,
science labs, diagrams
coral branches and tender curls of moss.

natural history has always fascinated me.
( these great finds are in the shop. so hard to share sometimes! )

xo. r

October 5, 2011

( skunk )

October 3, 2011

a wee little skunk.
i conveniently omitted the stink glands.
( he is of course, too well-behaved to go around stinking people. )

he was designed after these little skunks who make me all melty.

xo. r