( ear you go )

January 31, 2012

something lovely is happening here.

xo. r

( kitchen inspiration )

when we began to plan our future home,
we knew the most important room would be the kitchen.

it seems that, no matter how big the living room is,
no matter how many seats are available at the dining room table,
absolutely everybody ends up in the kitchen.

( not to mention that patrick is a great cook,
and i am a very talented eater of foods. )

these are some of our favorite inspiration images,
calm and open spaces that invite you to sit down, have a cup of coffee.
and wide pathways to eliminate the awkward step-spin dance that happens in tight spaces.

we tracked down an antique bar back,
a massive cabinet with wavy glass doors along the top
and more storage down below, that will form one wall of the kitchen.
it's my kind of old. solid, sturdy and not a bit fussy.

the rest of the kitchen will be a lighter tone... perhaps white, perhaps a shade of grey.
( i am loving the calm, muted tones in these images. )

and we are quite certain that we don't want toe kicks.
it's perhaps a bit unconventional but i love how grounded and solid
the cabinets feel when they sit directly on the ground.

and i do get tired of the ring of crumbs and dog hair that hides underneath the toe kick.
there, i said it. home design based on my own laziness!

does anyone have a kitchen without toe kicks?
love it? hate it? let me know!
i'd love to hear your thoughts.

xo. r

( images are linked to sources, happy exploring. )

( friday fuzzy )

January 27, 2012

sorry mom, i've just decided that instead of babies,
i'm going to have fawns. yes, fawns.
but don't worry...
you can still pick out cute clothes for them.

raging cuteness.
take that friday.
xo. r

( story )

January 26, 2012

rather madly in love with these
minimalist children's posters

subtle, smart & daring

look out future minimalist children,
no baby colors for you.

see more in the series here.

xo. r

( oeuflings )

January 25, 2012

new oeuflings added to the shop!

xo. r

( ear you go )

January 24, 2012

from mayak via francisca pageo


i couldn't get this one out of my head yesterday.
it's mesmerizing. haunting. hunting for something deep inside.

xo. r

( restock )

January 23, 2012

we've just restocked our letterpress keychains
and there are lots of new letters and numbers available.

we've also modified the keychain attachment,
which i like better but sadly doesn't involve the drill press anymore.
that's one whole new skill going to waste.

they're available here.

xo. r

( details )

winter dressing is in the details

leg warmers layered under tall boots
softly braided hair
a wool sweater pinned together
and a hand knit scarf

never mind the small fact that i still haven't mastered braiding my own hair
i can pretend.

and i do think i'd like to build rows and rows of little wood boxes...
one for each and every scarf in my collection, which i never seem to be able to pare down.

xo. r

( vanilla )

January 20, 2012

this is sandra juto's coffee. not mine.

i happen to be a vanilla latte fiend.
wake. shower. vanilla latte.
it's a daily routine.

after a while, shelling out $7 a bottle for vanilla syrup gets old.
so, feeling adventurous, i wandered into the kitchen & attempted to make my own.

// vanilla syrup //

1.5 cups sugar
2 cups water
bring barely to a boil, just until the sugar dissolves
stir in a tablespoon of a good quality vanilla extract
bottle & refrigerate.

cheap & easy.

(simple syrup is usually 1:1 sugar and water
but we've reduced the sugar and haven't missed it a bit.)

xo. r

( friday fuzzy )

i am so rarely a horse person.
their teeth are frightening to me.
but this, this i could be a horse person for.

xo. r

( love lost )

January 19, 2012

real life never really compared to ballet.
love, lost.

xo. r

( stick figure )

January 17, 2012

love these little driftwood figures

even more, i think i love that there will be 150 of them made...
dunbar's number, the perfect number of individuals in a community.

( incidentally, an old employer once used dunbar's number as a reason that a mass layoff was actually good for the whole company. really. i suppose i have mixed feelings about dunbar's number now. however, as applied to driftwood figures, i think it's perfectly reasonable. )

xo. r

( exterior )

January 16, 2012

m.elle design

gray organschi via dwell

james gorst architects

last week i shared the renderings of our future home.
this week, i thought i'd share some of our inspiration.

when it comes the house, i tend to think in pictures.
not something to copy, but a mood that feels like home to me.
pinterest has been an invaluable resource for gathering, organizing and culling images.
even more so as we begin to make final decisions on things.

patrick and i both landed on the same favorites.
starkly modern with huge windows
softened with older materials and a simple aesthetic

(and well, metal roofs are just so darned practical. i've played the role of shingle courier once,
hauling piles of them up the ladder onto the roof. i don't feel the need to reprise that one.)
we also love the feeling the clusters of buildings bring...
a safe haven to escape the outside world.

i'll be sharing more bits of inspiration room by room.
it will be rather interesting to see where we began, and where we end.
( i still worry that it will be a complete disaster. neither of us are designers. fingers crossed. )

xo. r

( broken butterflies )

rather in awe of this delicate and intricate work

broken butterflies
repaired with embroidery thread, 
golden root, even gold leaf and paper.

i can't even begin to imagine working with something so fragile.
the results are mesmerizing.

xo. r

( friday fuzzy )

January 13, 2012


foxy friday.

xo. r

( calm )

January 12, 2012

rescued plants on the kitchen windowsill 
kindling gathered for the fire in my grandmother's crock

a calendar for a new year

a side table vignette, accidentally arranged during christmas decorating

a small jungle of plants

sometimes, i look around the house
and all i can see is a storm of chaos.
at those times, i like to grab my camera
and find the few moments of calm that exist in quiet corners.

it's a little bit about peace of mind
and a little bit about documenting the space around me.
it changes in subtle ways,
it's nice to take a deep breath and see it with new eyes.

xo. r

( traction control )

January 9, 2012

lately i've been noticing that our funny little bump
has been having a harder and harder time with our wood floors.
she falls down all the time...
watching her try to round the corner to get to her water bowl
always makes me think of bambi on ice.

i was going to try some grippy socks, but there was the problem of her going outside
and coming back in with damp feet. then i found pawz dog boots.
basically, they're a thicker balloon with a larger opening.
12 in a package, and reasonably priced.

after a minute or two of adjustment (which results in hilarious high stepping)
she seems much more confident walking around.
and is even getting up a bit of a rum as she moves between dog beds.
i am pleased to see our old lady with a kick in her step.
"miss new booty"

just thought i'd share in case anyone else's
aged companions were having traction issues.

xo. r